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BDI Consulting

We are a group of professionals with highest level specializations in different technologies , and we Founded our company in the Early 2017 .

Our skills came from different technologies and cultures, from networking up to data governance, we do not consider us a Company but a pool of minds that works together for the same goals : Have fun in what we Do, provide High Level of Quality, build a trusted relationship with the Partners [ Yes we don't like to call you Customer but Partner ]

Some facts not just words, most of us got more than 10 years experience (someone 20+) , during the past we worked for big companies worldwide mostly in challenging environment

And Now? Now we got some experience about big data analytics projects, and we are always busy working in many countries on Splunk projects ( Terabytes daily not peanuts ) .

Finally, are you just curious about Splunk ? want to learn more or test it ? discuss additional Use Cases related to Security or IT Operations ? need to design or deploy your simple/complex HA with DR Splunk architecture ? wondering to transform log data to KPI's and use the same data sources as SIEM ? new a new Technology Addon maybe a Custom Splunk App ? Okey , we don't like to say it is impossible or it will be easy but sure IT CAN BE DONE.
The Staff.

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Our team delivers Splunk expertise to supports each aspect of your Splunk environment in a consistent, cost effective manner.

Splunk Core

We provide Splunk expertise to fast start your Splunk infrastructure, from architecture to tuning

Splunk Enterprise Security

Our main expertise, lots of SIEM related projects is our background. From Advisory to Deployment

Custom API Integration

BDI specializes in integrating third-party sources, ensuring interoperability with your Splunk environment.

Splunk Managed Services

You can outsource your Splunk infrastructure, no more troubles

Splunk Health Check

Our fast answer to get peak performance and efficiency of your Splunk infrastructure

Splunk Applications Development

We can support your organization to create Splunk Apps written specifically to your business needs